Mehar Nangia
The Hallway is a sport, an art form, and a video game living at the intersection of everything cool. By taking the new fashion show experience of the NBA hallway and turning it into an interactive game, fans get a firsthand chance and living their wildest off-court dreams. Forget the court, the hallway is where it’s at.

An experiment built in Unity. Thank you to Elise Co & Jenny Rodenhouse.

Phase Two

The Hallway is a new approach to sports and fashion. By expanding off of the ethos of the NBA pre-game fashion experience, The Hallway is an all new digital experience that allows fans a deeper connection between them and players valued around fashion. By bridging together a scalable brand, an e-commerce app, and a new in-game experience, fans can purchase game-worn and similar pieces from their favorite players and in turn raise money for varied charities and programs.

Thank you to Miles Mazzie and Ivan Cruz.
This project was designed to showcase the game within the game of the NBA and to create a scalable solution that could allow fans of the culture to interact in a more intimate way with the fashion scene that lives within the NBA. The Hallway.