AI Copilot in Viva

I’m currently helping bring powerful, relevant Copilot experiences to products across our Microsoft Viva landscape. With Copilot, Microsoft Viva takes advantage of next-generation AI to accelerate this new performance equation, where engagement and productivity lead to better business outcomes and success.

Key achievements + learnings
My role is to drive innovation and ensure seamless integration. By collaborating closely with stakeholders, I identify key areas where AI can enhance productivity and elevate the employee experience. Through a user-centric approach, my team creates intuitive and scalable AI solutions that streamline processes and provide valuable insights to deploy across Viva modules.
Working horizontally as a design leader to create new patterns, bridge new opportunities, and manage an ever-growing AI design system.
Staying at the forefront of AI and working directly with the latest AI developments in engineering and design across Microsoft to deploy avant-garde features