Mehar Nangia
We created Quidditch gear for the female collegiate athlete that channels the magic of her childhood.
We were challenged to design apparel for women that would push Under Armour to new avenues.
In our two-week intensive project, Christian de Guzman led our footwear development, while I focused on our apparel product.
Quidditch is one of America's fastest-growing collegiate team sports.
Lizzy grew up a Potterhead and a track & field athlete. But when she went to UCLA, she discovered Quidditch, an intense co-ed sport that channels all that it means to be her.
This is Lizzy, a 21 year-old Junior at UCLA.

She's our target consumer.
“Even when we found gear that could work, it was ill-fitting and uncomfortable for women.”
Molly Potter, Captain of NYU Quidditch

1. Significant Upper Body Injuries

2. Limited Agility & Range of Motion

3. Lack of Unique Aesthetic
1. Protect the Upper Body through Shock-Absorbing Materials

2. Allow for Range of Motion with Stretchable Fabric and Construction

3. Develop an Aesthetic by Using Innovative Weave Structures
We used research studies from the IJSPT to develop key protection and thermal regulation areas
for protection and agility
UA Microthread
for thermal regulation
Pyratex Power
for stretch & sustainability
for sustainable comfort
UA Microthread
for thermal regulation
Pyratex Power
for stretch & sustainability
Flat Views
Alchemist Apparel uses an engineered weave construction, along with classic innovations like raglan sleeves and a drop-back to create the most innovate apparel kit for Quidditch athletes.
1. Unable to Perform Key Movements Effectively

2. Unsuitable Quidditch Traction

3. Lacking Proper Foot Flexibility
1. An Innovative Lockdown System

2. Increased Traction

3. Flex Grooves that Improve Agility
for speed
Energy Web Mesh
‍for stretch
Aura Flex
for motion
Orthographic Views
Pottermore Augmented Reality Collaboration