Mehar Nangia

As part of the long-going partnership between ArtCenter and INSEAD, I had the opportunity to spend the Spring of 2020 studying alongside MBAs at INSEAD Singapore, gaining firsthand experience on how to solve problems on a global scale at The Business School for the World.

A team of MBAs and me (proudly wearing ArtCenter orange) presenting our Durian Lip Balm prototype during a Creative Thinking course.
The food, the noises, and the sheer scale of everything served as a bit of shock and a great welcome to the global metropolis that is Singapore. On the left, grocery shopping in Singapore, a bit different than Pasadena.
Through courses like Customer Insight & New Business Model I got the chance to dive deep into subjects like Behavioral Economics and Emerging Technology while working with faculty at the forefront of their fields.
24 drills. 48 hours. The Startup Bootcamp @INSEAD served as a thrilling way for me to dive straight in to the rigorous process of startup development. My team of four phenomenal individuals and I, from left to right (Alex, me, Ginny, Pedro, and Simon) were able to successfully develop and pitch Beyond Tomorrow, a tool to help families handle one of life's toughest yet most inevitable moments, death. Below, some of our work from the weekend.
In Digital Social Media and Marketing Strategy, I got a chance to see the analytical power of readily available tools in action. Using Google Trends, I did analysis on the effect of Apple's transition from the iTunes brand for their core music service to Apple Music and how that alongside Spotify's rise affected their consumer market interest.
I had the privilege of taking a quick trip to India before the pandemic began. While not a traditionally academic environment, the experience of missing your train, hitchhiking in a truck, and trying to get your way home definitely was a great use case for what I learnt in Negotiations. And by seeing the digitization of services in India firsthand, I got a great first look for what I would soon learn in Management of Services, & Digital Entrepreneurship.
As a design coach in INSEAD Executive Education's Design Thinking and Creativity for Business course, I had the opportunity to work directly with top-level executives at companies in the luxury, technology, and financial sectors. I facilitated remote workshops and exercises focused on the creative ideation, driving valuable insights, and rapid prototyping. Stepping into the role of an educator offered me a unique perspective on how to not only put these concepts into action but on how to convey them effectively and with detail.
Working with a team of wonderful MBAs (shouts out to Sofia, Henk, Anandhi, Martin, and Stefan) along with the assistance of Google engineers, we were given the task of making a more sustainable INSEAD with sponsorship from the Hoffman Global Institute in the Product Management in Digital World course. Our team developed Hoffy, a tool to help conscious INSEAD students find opportunities and connect with alumni in sustainability. A selection of our work is below.
Browse organizations, connect with the INSEAD network, explore resources, and discover content.
Build a smart profile with your location, industry, role, and SDG impact preferences.
Connect with content shared by fellow students as well INSEAD-sponsored sustainable content.
Explore resources from events, course, and clubs that help you get the most out of your MBA experience.
Find alumni across location, industry, company, and role working in sustainability to build a larger INSEAD green community.
See alumni, jobs, SDG endorsements, and a score based on a company's match to your sustainability preferences.
Whether it be collaborating on branding strategies, financial modeling, or new sustainable innovations, INSEAD was a phenomenal experience. My few months in Singapore impacted me not just as a designer, but as a human being.